seriously dude she’s been in there for like three months get the girl some spaghetti and meatballs chop chop

she’s into punching bees. wow! too metal.

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bitch is fab

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chinese ink and brush on parchment paper which i scanned then photshopped. just fiddling and stuff. samrai bibi and his lil pipi
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a redesign of one of the tweedles, the white rabbit and the caterpillar. <3
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bloody portraits of awesome divas!

the second one is actually an art trade from my friend and talented artist, Karl! check his tumblr out!

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awesome photos by my friend Hannah!

it has been aaaaawhiiiile since i posted and stuff.

i did these illustrations just for fun. first time drawing on pics! it’s so fun!

and i like to collaborate. so if any of you wants to collaborate just ASK me!

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is a fart like the ghost of poop?

if so, then i think my room is haunted.

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Evan Peters likes me. He likes me a lot! Like totally has a crush on me! As in like super likes me to the point of obsession!! Like he-would-wear-my-skin likes me!! 
Well i think he’s ok.(Opposite day)


fun prank: put $1000 in an envelope and mail it to me

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